What Makes These Scallops So Special?

Fishing for Scallops off the Maine Coast

Scallops expedited from Maine waters to your door.

These scallops are the best scallops you’ll ever taste.  They’re caught by small boats fishing day trips (leaving and returning the same day) off Maine’s rocky coast.  The boat’s crew shucks the scallops, rinses them with sea water to remove bits of shell or sand, and brings them to me.  I sort through them that night and pack them in containers bound for you.  Containers are marked with the date and location of harvest as well as the fisherman’s name and the name of his vessel so you know who’s responsible for providing these delicious scallops.  They’re shipped within 24 hours,  or I bring them to you personally within 72 hours.

The vast majority of sea scallops are stored for many days (or weeks) before they reach consumers.  In that time they absorb water and other chemicals from the ice and solutions surrounding them.  This adds moisture so the seller makes more profit but it also decreases flavor and quality.   Maine Dayboat Scallops are different.  They reach you quickly and naturally so you can finally understand what a scallop is supposed to taste like.

Maine’s small-boat fishermen harvest a product that’s vastly superior to the artificially plumped commodity product most consumers are used to.  But the price they receive is generally set by the much larger offshore fishery, comprised of boats that often stay at sea well over a week and bring in scallops that have been soaking in ice that whole time.  It doesn’t have to be this way: bringing scallops directly from fisherman to chef could benefit restaurants, fishermen, consumers, and the resource. So I quit my job managing scallops and began marketing them.

Try these scallops.  You’ll taste the difference a day makes™.

Maine’s state water fishery has closed and will reopen in December.  Currently a very limited amount of fresh Maine Dayboat Scallops are available from the Federal waters of the Northern Gulf of Maine.

What Are You Buying?

Maine Dayboat Scallops fresh fromt he FishermanMaine’s scallop season lasts only 70 days, so fishermen need to make the most of it.  You should too.

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Why Work with Togue Brawn?

As a chef, you need to feel good about what you’re serving. Maine Dayboat Scallops will help you do that.

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