What Makes These Scallops So Special?

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    Scallops expedited from Maine waters to your door.

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    If you haven’t tried these, well, I’m sorry for you!

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    Simple, delicious pan seared scallops

COMING SOON!! I’ll soon be offering other premium Maine seafood products.  I’m transitioning from a seasonal scallop purveyor to a year-round seafood sommellier, bringing you the very best products from Maine’s finest fishermen. You’ve seen how my unique distribution system brings you the best scallops on the planet. I’ll be offering opportunities to buy my fishermen’s harvest before they get back to the dock.  I expect to start offering lobster and halibut by early June so join my list (click on link at bottom of page) to find out when other amazing products come in!

If you  haven’t tasted a Maine Dayboat Scallop, you don’t know what scallops should taste like.

Maine Dayboat Scallops are harvested by small vessels that ply Maine’s icy waters from December through March.  Our fishermen bring in very small quantities of super fresh, dense, pure scallops.  Their quality is unparalleled.

 Maine Dayboat scallops are the best tasting scallops available anywhere.  And I want you to understand why…

The vast majority of sea scallops are stored for many days (or weeks) before they reach consumers.  In that time they absorb water and other chemicals from the ice and solutions surrounding them. This dupes consumers into paying for water and dilutes scallop flavor and quality. Maine Dayboat Scallops are different.  I meet the fishermen at the dock to collect their scallops and I get them quickly to you.

I managed Maine’s scallop fishery from 2007 – 2011, and in that time I recognized that Maine’s small dayboat fishery produces a scallop that’s vastly superior to the artificially plumped product most consumers know. But our amazing scallops were being dumped into the traditional supply chain to be soaked and plumped on their way to consumers. I knew that was wrong; that it was bad for fishermen and bad for consumers.   So a few years ago I quit my job managing scallops and began marketing them, because Maine’s fishery produces a better scallop.  Our fishermen deserve a better price and you deserve a better scallop.  When you bite into a Maine Dayboat Scallop,  you’re tasting nothing but pure Maine scallop!

Try these scallops.  You’ll taste the difference a day makes™.

I am no longer shipping scallops from Maine’s state water fishery.  I will periodically ship scallops from the NGOM fishery through the summer.  I may also be coming to NYC with NGOM scallops. Join my mailing list to get updates on these opportunities.

What Are You Buying?

Maine Dayboat Scallops fresh fromt he FishermanMaine’s scallop season lasts only 70 days, so fishermen need to make the most of it.  You should too.

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Why Work with Togue Brawn?

As a chef, you need to feel good about what you’re serving. Maine Dayboat Scallops will help you do that.

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