How To Buy


NO OTHER COMPANY can get you scallops faster or fresher.

I ship scallops on the day they’re harvested if the guys are in early, or the day after harvest if we miss the Fed Ex or UPS deadline.  You can’t get scallops any fresher than this unless you’re lucky enough to live in Maine and you can get them from the fisherman who caught them!

Maine Dayboat Scallops will cost you between $24 & $30 per pound (depending on how many pounds you order) plus shipping.

Fresh dayboat scallops from Maine

Beautiful” butterscotch” scallops from the Blue Hill Bay Limited Access Area, caught by Maurice Alley on December 4, 2012

Bags are marked with the name of the vessel they came from, the captain’s name and the area in which he was fishing.

Photos of most captains are posted on my website so you can see the man that caught your dinner.  This season I’ll be adding videos as well.

This year I’m trying to make things simpler by offering flat rate shipping. It may take a little bit to work out the kinks in this… if you experience any problems when you try to order, Please feel free to call me at 207-838-1490.

I’m currently in the process of setting up regular deliveries to New York City, and I’d love to come to other places as well.  Please call or e-mail me if you think folks in your area would like a Maine Dayboat Scallops Delivery event (that way you save on shipping charges and you get to meet me and maybe one of my fishermen).